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Posted on: February 18, 2009 1:15 pm is quickly becoming a very crappy site to post on.  I for one don't care about the ranking system because it mean NOTHING.  What does bother me are the whiney crybabies on the site who have been putting up the BLAH BLAH BLAH posts and repeating the same posts.  I cannot find any THREADS worth a crap on the Yankees board which is usually very helpful and productive.  Instead the there are only 3 post in the TOP FIVE posts.  Two of them are duplicates by the same person who just happened to cut and past newspaper articles.  It has actually made the Yankees boards POINTLESS to read.  

CBS admins stated that the changes that were made were made to help with the rush of fans following baseball.  Well they need to monitor the baseball boards a bit better.  This site has completely gone down the crapper in my personal opinion. Admins need to WAKE THE F*** UP and start being admins.  There are posts that have nothing to do with sports, but they remain.  There are duplicate posts by the same poster, yet they remain and are rewarded for the posts to help in the rankings.

I have said my piece and want to hear yours.

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AHHHHHHHHHHH,  can i build my rep by posting here????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Thanks for the words of encouragement.  I remember when all those posts about the election were going on.  There were at times very intelligent and well thought out posts.  Same goes for the Jets boards.  There are only several posters on these boards who I truly value what they write.  They are Greenblood, yourself, GangGreen, and BigTime.  There are several others who I will follow, but take with a grain of salt because of their lack of intellectual conversations.  

It kills me when people cannot think of a civilized why to state their point, and start using sophomoric phrases.
 These individuals bring down the entire boards.  I may not always agree with people, such as BigTime, but I can always except their POV. No matter how dopey it sounds.  Mostly because people respect my POV on situations (ie the Favre debacle and also Erik Ainge).  

I have to drop by the Mets boards to see what is going on over there.  But unfortunately if you really want to view the stupidity of the boards, definitely read the Yankees boards, especially when there is a thread that involves Red Sox fans also. 


Hopefully the remaining few individuals who are not bothered by the ratings drop will hang around and make the boards better. I for one am not going anywhere, regardless of the level of stupidity that may arise.

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Adamjac ,you are saying what some others from the Jets site have been saying for over a year now. That the quality of the posts has gone down and that the administrators of these sites aren't doing a thing about it. I' ve seen far to many idiotic rants from fans who have know idea how to communicate their thoughts to others, yet they will get a rating over 100.

As you said I don't care how well my ratings are reviewed by the staff what matters is if the post itself inspires some intelligent feedback either pro or con. One of the better posters from the Jets boards GreenBlood has completely given up for lack of a decent level of communication between fans.

On one hand we the fans are held responsible for our own boards and the various threads put out on them. But it becomes tiring to constanly not find a line of thought that several fans can continually post back and forth about arguing the points that we see as the weaknesses and or strengths.

Personally I know that their are times when I post subjects that garner little or no response, this then tells me that what I'm putting on the site isn't of interest to others, and one of the reasons we post is for the feedback we get. It was in many ways unfortunate that the thread that had the greatest reaction and back and forth bantering was the Obama thread.

This is not a political arena however it was the most relevant topic in the entire country at the time, but it became a devisive subject that had far too many hateful and racist responses for it to continue. While I remember those who disagreed about my views on Obama and that I thought he would make a good president, the other Jets fans who took the opposite line of thought but presented their views with intelligent arguements and didn't reduce the subject to a matter of race I still have great repoire with and respect for them and their opinions. Which brings me back to the original arguement that these boards have far less knowledgeable fans posting than we did 2 years ago and so we are losing some of the better people to other formats. I appreciate your thread Adamjac and have always regarded you as one of the stronger fans on the Jets boards who doesn't just post to see his name on a thread but brings relevent issues to the forefront that require some thought and feedback. Don't give up hope that things won't change, by the way I'm a die hard Mets fan so I don't travel to the Yankees boards but I will start to drop in from time to time because one of my favorite players ever is on the team, I am a great Jeter fan.

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